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'Balloon Tree'


'Balloon Tree'

George Hopcraft


Ben See is a singer and composer from London. He specialises in vocal music, and more specifically contemporary acapella.

Ben See's recent release, 'Balloon Tree' is a song about our own imagination - feeling reflective - or daydreaming. "I hope that the song creates space for the mind to wander and that it takes you ‘somewhere else’".


As someone who is relatively new to this style of music, and had only encountered it once before (when we filmed and blogged Snow Poet's performance of 'If I Miss A Star') I was pleasantly plunged back into that, mind wandering, daydream immersion when I watched and heard 'Balloon Tree'.

Ben goes on to tell us that the "first version of the song had lots more words, but over time it has been stripped back to a more minimal arrangement. I didn't want it to say too much, and I like the idea that people might bring their own meaning. For me, it is a song about escapism, and inherently that means different things to different people."

As digital filmmakers, the Flyotw boys are always pleased when the musical submissions we receive are produced and married with thought provoking and engaging visuals. For us, it's all about, pleasing the senses. The video for 'Balloon Tree' features deep coffee-coloured trees and verdures that remind you building dens and bases as a child. The pop of red on the protagonist's body makes sure your eyes don't wander off into the woodland and further inserts the fact that he doesn't belong in this landscape. Lost and searching for something.


"The video is a collaboration with the filmmaker Peter Mallett. I’d known Peter through friends, and I’d seen an intriguing and playful short film he made called ‘We’re Different’. When he approached me about making a video for Balloon Tree, I knew immediately that I wanted to collaborate with him."

It's so refreshing to see these types of collaborations. Being creative for the sake of being creative. Ben tells us that "together we scripted a storyline (a process which involved becoming regulars at The Particular in New Cross). Peter then turned the idea into a screenplay and brought the whole thing to life. He completely understood the concept of the song and knew how to translate that onto the screen. One of the most important things for us was that the video needed to be open to interpretation, in the same way that the song might take on different meanings."


"The next stage was to put together a team and make the video. We held auditions to find our two lead characters. Rico Pass and Meliz Witt somehow looked the part, and suddenly the story felt a bit more real. Rico is a little bit younger than Meliz, and he bought bounce and enthusiasm to the role, while Meliz’s character has an air of calm and stillness to her. Despite their age, Rico and Meliz were brilliant on set and their performances bring the video to life."


"The video was filmed on location in Black Park Lake in Buckinghamshire. The wood is not far from Pinewood Studios, and quite a few iconic television and film moments have been shot there. It is a really beautiful spot, and we are thankful for the park and the staff for allowing us access."

"I’m so proud of the video for Balloon Tree - and I think we’ve got something really special. It has been such a positive collaboration and I’m grateful to everyone involved in making it happen."

And thank you to Ben for letting us talk about it his project. Keep creative bud.