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The Last Skeptik


The Last Skeptik

James McKenzie-Blyth


Corin Douieb aka The Last Skeptik is a multi-talented beast who is truly defined by his music production. Only in his mid-twenties, Corin has already released an impressive discography, including Thanks For Trying, his first instrumental album, a series of remixes for some big names and a wad of EPs and LPs all bridging multiple genres and styles.


The Last Skeptik is just about to release his latest EP, "Revenge Is The Best Success” which can be purchased on iTunes or listened to on Spotify. The Last Skeptik is not simply a UK hip hop producer. Skeptik compositions bed themselves deeply with the fundamental hip hop charms that we know and love, but creatively branch off into the rays of seemingly contrasting genres, carving new grooves into the old oak that is today's hip hop to create something quite unique.


The typical Skeptik composition fuses a blend of early 90's classic beat patterns, corpse rising baselines, vibrant orchestral melodies, hand plucked selection of chilling vocals and an ensemble of live instrumentation, all stemming from the freshest emerging talent in these fertile UK soils. Skeptik's musical prowess deliver an endless supply of cinematic brilliance that aim to send each listener on a vivid and personal journey from start to finish.


Flyotw spent some time with The Last Skeptik, discussing his music, record collections, history and current projects, all of which tailed off into further conversations about the scope and scale of his music projects. Corin's work space is a minimal set up, a laptop, a pair of speakers, some DJ decks and a microphone embedded in a cupboard full of Arsenal football shirts and memorabilia. A personal space that breathes character and creativity. A space where you can relax and ultimately create.

"I make music for people who want to walk along. For it to be stuck in their head or feel like they are in a fucking movie, just really soundtrack their lives" — The Last Skeptik